Being gay in Zambia

17 May

The Gay story again

So the issue of gays and lesbians continues to pop up. It is in the news, print media, on television, private conversations and almost all corners we patronise.

The recent public acknowledgement by Barack Obama has fired it up even more. Recently in Zambia, it took centre stage after the visit by Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General. It was a highly anticipated visit from such a global figure but it ended in noticeable bad taste with his comments bordering on gay rights.

The rich and powerful are speaking up more loudly. Apart from the above two, we had UK’s Cameron tying aid to gay rights. The club is growing and all methods will be used to push this agenda. I remember recently seeing a British comedy “My family”. One of the couple’s sons was just about telling his parents that he was gay. It now seems clear to me that even previously innocent entertainment is a part of a coordinated way of justifying this and providing suggestions on how to explain it.

Africa has not been spared. We have gays and lesbians among us. Someone we know likely knows someone that’s gay. That is the reality smack in the face. It’s here. It’s official. Whether this existed on the continent or has been imported via our full embracing of westernisation is besides the point. It is here.

Pertinent uncomfortable questions and forthright answers

What then is the right position to take? Was Ban Ki Moon off the mark? Was Cameron on song for tying aid to gay rights? Is Obama showing leadership in acknowledging a trend that is fast becoming so strong and can not be ignored? Are gay people justified to cry for their right to be accepted and integrated as normal in society?

Call it bias, prejudice or a conservative narrow minded approach. I hold that there is a distinction between the normal order of things being improved or evolving and the order being distorted. Homosexuality is a distortion of the normal order of things.

God in the picture

I believe in a Supreme God that has created everything and all was beautiful from the start. Along the way, things went wrong and the chaos we see is testimony of that. To have the right perspective of what was good and approved by God, the Creator of all, we must then slide right back to what existed when He started it all.

There was man and when he needed company, there was woman. It may be the most simplistic of views but whoever said the truth is complex? To therefore come and hold a position that being gay is part of someone’s original makeup is absolutely absurd.

It is different when one is born without a limp or with a disability but to be born gay is certainly to suggest God made a mistake. It is equivalent to suggesting Sony intended to make an electronic entertainment gadget but ended up with a shoe. The make up and functions are totally different from the original intention in both cases.

Additionally, God the Creator (not any other) is very explicit and consistent about His position on certain issues. From the pages of the Old Testament to the New, homosexuality is abominable in His eyes. Refer to Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:26-27. God has never held a position to be sin and alters that later to be acceptable. Even in allowing polygamy or divorce or seeing the filthy lifestyles we choose along the way, He does not in anyway sanction this. Instead He lets our desires and hard hearts lead us since we replace Him with those.

How can we who claim to know or serve God also hold a view in support of homosexuality? The truth demands that things are stated as bluntly as they should be. If we hold a position in support of homosexuality, we are not God’s own. He simply does not know us and we do not serve or know Him. It is as simple as that.

We may therefore then save ourselves from a chronic hypocrisy of calling Him “our God” but endorsing what He loathes. If that is the position taken, let us then also endorse murder, drug addiction, crime, corruption, prostitution and all other societal ills. What makes homosexuality right and all these others wrong and immoral?

The question of authority

It boils down to one’s authority in life. My authority and every christian’s is God. The standards then that are set by Him define what we subscribe to.

If one’s authority is man, then that one’s authority will be the likes of Barack Obama, Ban Ki Moon or the corrupted minds of groups and leaders that have approved of this choice as normal and acceptable in the vain hope that it will be authenticated.

They may have the money,influence and capacity to bulldoze their way on several issues but not the power to alter and dictate what is right or wrong. Or to buy away morality and a sober conscience prepared to stand on the right side of issues.

This is a moral position and the normal stance to be taken in the original scheme of things. A departure from this is a distortion of the original plan. There can be no other way to justify it. No money, influence, lobbying or power must be allowed to dilute morality and subdue the correct position demanded in such a situation.

Rights and freedoms

However, those that have opted for homosexuality do not cease to be human. They are our relatives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and friends. They have simply made a wrong choice. This does not in any way suggest they be treated lower than animals or be subjected to abuse and be ostracised. They must enjoy their basic human rights and freedoms as citizens of our country, continent and world.

They must at the same time be reminded that all rights and freedoms are granted in conjunction with what is legal. Illegal, socially questionable and objectionable activities or lifestyles do not go together with rights or freedoms.

Take a stand

Homosexuality is not only illegal. It also is a choice that is largely deemed as immoral and unnatural.

There cannot be any plausible argument to support homosexuality, whether biological, psychological or social. It is an inappropriate lifestyle opted for by an individual against the moral dictates of society or spiritual standards rooted in truth.

It therefore follows that only Zambians, Africans or citizens of the world with loose morals and warped perspectives of sexuality, what is right or wrong, will be in support of homosexuality.

It has no place in our society and the people drowning in it deserve our intervention and support. Some of us evidently detest the lifestyle but the solution is not to throw the gay and lesbian “babies” out with the bath water. It is to help those we know are trapped in this illness to see the error, confront it and turn away from it.

As far as this goes, I see no reason why christians, other people of different religious persuasion or anybody in their right frame of mind, should struggle to hold a position on this issue. It is a black and white, land and water position. Either it is right or wrong. It has nothing to do with basic human rights or freedoms. Those have always been guaranteed but only for the right things.

Homosexuality is not one of those and it is my hope that the current Zambian draft Constitution under discussion must explicitly enshrine that this is an unacceptable form and choice of sexuality. In the absence of that, we will open ourselves to ill influences that ultimately will destroy our history, morality, inheritance and collective conscience, all in the name of modernity.

So Obama, Ban Ki Moon and their like can compromise on their values and morals for expediency’s sake or the pursuit of power, ambition or money. But Zambia, Africa and all right thinking individuals must not tag along selling their souls to tastes or habits that even the simplest of animals don’t practise.

We need to stand for what is right and reject such forms of corruption.

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One response to “Being gay in Zambia

  1. mpasha

    May 18, 2012 at 18:46

    I had initially decided not to be drawn into this conversation, as I have on many occasions. This stance as I reflect is based on the blindedness we all appear to experience when certain members of society we admire take certain positions, we bury our heads in the sand in a bid to close ourselves to the moral compromise of our heroes and those we ve been inspired by.

    However following my completion of this rather well written article as it simplifies this position for most, homosexuality is wrong by any measure and simply because Obama chooses to support it does not change this. The writer has taken a very firm but kind approach with a certain embrace but not endorsement, the maturity we fail to exercise in in our approach to this subject. Suffice to say, the evils resultant from going against the order of nature are numerous and indeed impact our lives rather harshly – quite tantamount to robbing people of the light out of their day time.

    I rest by saying thanks to the writer. Its a shared position.


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